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DCG Philanthropic Services Inc. is a Saskatchewan based consulting firm specializing in fundraising, sponsorships, marketing and communication services to support the needs of clients in the non-profit sector across Canada.

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Our boutique firm provides direct involvement and oversight on all projects by a team of very skilled and dedicated staff. We have significant breadth of experience in every aspect of fundraising and are considered leaders in our sector. DCG’s diverse team is passionate about working ‘hands on’ with organizations like yours to enhance their fund development success. DCG Associates have experience working on campaigns from $500,000 to over $150M, locally, provincially, and across Canada.

Highlighted Campaigns

DCG in the Community

Diversity of Children Drawn to Playground

Social inclusion reached new heights with the recent opening of a unique sensory playground at Saskatoon’s John Dolan School.

The colorful playground is truly a place where everybody can learn and play. It welcomes all children and contains special accessibility features to engage students and others with multiple complex special needs.

DCG’s associates were pleased to join the celebration recognizing how the parent council, school, countless friends from the community, the Kinsmen Foundation and a special champion raised more than $500,000 to make this dream come true.

We were especially excited to see John Dolan students and their caregivers exploring the entirely accessible playground featuring interactive and sensory activities and a Liberty swing that a wheelchair rolls onto.

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Don Gorsalitz Inspires Change Through Philanthropy

Don Gorsalitz is an energetic entrepreneur who works with people who want to invest their time, talent and treasure to make their community a better place.
As president of DCG Philanthropic Services since 2010, he has challenged and inspired Saskatoon residents to rally behind projects like the Cathedral of the Holy Family, Friendship Inn, Gordie Howe Sports Complex, Ronald McDonald House, Wanuskewin Heritage Park, The Lighthouse, Merlis Belsher Place, Remai Modern and other important initiatives.
“It’s the best job in the world to work alongside Saskatchewan’s generous people,” said Gorsalitz, “because basically it is our job to make its people aware of community needs while matching their goals and beliefs with tangible results. We articulate what their generosity can mean. People like good ideas; they get excited and actively engage. In a nutshell, we help to inspire change.”
Gorsalitz entered into communications and fundraising when John Thompson, then president of St. Thomas More College, hired him to create a fund development office for the college. The job interview process included sitting down with Les Dubé, a local business leader and well-known philanthropist.
“Les told me that I should take the position and that was the beginning of him becoming a good friend and a mentor to me.”
It has been a meaningful adventure for Gorsalitz.
“I quickly learned a lot about fundraising at St. Thomas More College. It wasn’t too long into the job before I realized I had an inner calling to serve.”
Fundraising projects and roles come in different shapes and sizes. The volunteer commitment for Gorsalitz often includes board involvement.
“My joining the board of the Friendship Inn was a natural. As a boy, after watching a TV program about people starving in Africa, I boldly told my mother that when I grew up, I was going to fix some of those things. Years later, my association with St. Thomas More College led to teamwork with the Friendship Inn. I came on board and have stayed one way or another for the past 20 years.
“When Peter Zakreski was president of Friendship Inn, we embarked on a $1-million campaign, which we quickly raised to $2.5 million and completed within six months. It seemed like people just wanted to be asked. Today, the whole DCG team volunteers for the Inn. We take responsibility and do pro bono work for their various fundraising initiatives.
“A cornerstone of their efforts is the annual Fill the Plate year-end event where we ask donors to feed up to 1,000 people each day for a $5,000 donation. Africa may seem a bit far away, but like most things in life, you need to start at home first.”
There was a high degree of excitement, too, when the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon, under the leadership of Bishop Albert LeGatt, decided in 2007 to consider building a new cathedral.
“At first, I was nervous about the challenge. But I subscribed to the philosophy of what was I going to do for the greater good. For a year and a half, I went to church meetings throughout the diocese almost every night, right up until midnight, but it was important to engage the whole 76 parishes in our campaign.
“The engagement was so critical, especially from the volunteers and the donors. It was a time of great satisfaction for those who heard the message. In the end, we raised $24 million and gave the diocese a magnificent cathedral and a multitude of services and facilities.”
By 2010, Gorsalitz was ready to take the plunge with the company that carries his name.
One of DCG’s longest clients, the Friends of the Bowl Foundation, is a campaign that turned into a double-barrelled project.
The first phase was the renovation of the football stadium, a $20-million investment to help the City of Saskatoon substantially improve the park. Included in the remake were new turf, a clubhouse and seating. The changes gave the park a big-league appearance.
The Friends of the Bowl launched its first campaign in 2013 and even as the football facilities were taking shape, the foundation and donors saw growth opportunities for other sports, bringing the overall goal to $62 million. The vision expanded to become the Gordie Howe Sports Complex.
New features will include an international standard track and field complex, cross-country ski facilities, a multi-sports operations centre, outdoor multi-purpose turf, an indoor high-performance training centre, turf practice fields for softball and baseball, and a home for the Saskatoon Sports Hall of Fame.
Upgraded facilities to the project will include the international speed skating complex, upgrades to all of the baseball and softball diamonds and additional parking for all locations.
After the master plan is complete, the complex will be self-sustainable, with revenues covering all daily operations, estimated at $1.25 million. As well, the complex will create significant local, provincial and national economic spin-offs with its ability to attract national and international events that Saskatoon has not had the capacity to host in the past.
DCG builds relationships with donors who often support multiple projects. Throwing its support behind both the Gordie Howe Sports Complex and the new Merlis Belsher hockey rink at the University of Saskatchewan was the 1989 Jeux Canada Summer Games Foundation, making a $500,000 donation in both cases.
DCG has worked on other recreational facilities throughout Saskatchewan. In 2015, it led a $20-million campaign to enable the Saskatchewan Roughriders to build their own training facility and ticket offices within the new Mosaic Stadium.
Gorsalitz credits his parents for not only his belief system, but his love of sports and culture. His parents, Harold and Clara, came out of small-town Saskatchewan (Humboldt and Prelate) where they learned the value of hard work and volunteerism. Harold played on the same junior hockey team, the Humboldt Indians, as Glenn Hall, who later became one of the NHL’s most fabled goalies.
Gorsalitz has lived in Saskatoon most of his life. He and his wife, Caroline, have been married for 35 years and are the parents of Katherine, a physician in North Battleford; Anne, an architect in Edmonton; and 17-year-old twins, Thomas and Elizabeth, who attend St. Joseph’s High School.
“Our company’s work and campaign success comes down to matching the interests of donors and the needs of the charities they wish to support. We have been inspired by their needs, and as a company, we hold dear to the principle that we must personally give as well,” said Gorsalitz.
“We get to meet extraordinary people who inspire us every day. We are so fortunate to call many of our province’s philanthropists and volunteers our good friends. Together, we all get to see the fruits of our labour.”

As featured in the Saskatoon Express: http://www.saskatoonexpress.com/readmoreNED_NEW.html

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