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Town of Eston


Eston, Saskatchewan is a vibrant town south-west of Saskatoon that boasts an admirable and passionate sense of community.  Like most rural communities, recreation activity is the audible heartbeat from laughter at the pool throughout the summer, to cheers in the hockey rink in the winter, and endless activities in between.

Recreation brings people together.  For a rural community, recreation and sponsorship can be a strong source of revenue when a formal program is strategically conducted.

With a vision to heighten sponsor engagement and satisfaction, and to create a platform to positively impact recreation revenue, the services of DCG were engaged by the Town of Eston.

Research was conducted on current practices, comparatively in other communities, and reporting was offered including strategies to identify, solicit, and retain existing and new sponsorships.

With commitment to ensuring the scope of work provided to Eston was tailored and strategically-focused, DCG conducted a complete review and valuation of recreation assets.  A custom tool kit was built including a sponsorship policy and strategy, along with additional recommendations and supporting documents.

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