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Dr. Stirling McDowell Foundation for Research into Teaching

Research & Study

Established by the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation in 1991 and funded entirely by charitable donations, the McDowell Foundation provides unique and important enrichment to education in Saskatchewan. The Foundation has an approach that is unparalled in Canadian education, funding over 283 teacher-led research projects and awarding over $1.97 million in grants.

There is a myriad of benefits to the funded programs for students and their enhanced learning experience, and teachers and their impassioned personal development, alike. Distinctions that differentiate the Foundation notably include that projects are teacher-led, classroom-based, have practical application as immediate as the following school year, and create positive impacts not only for the students and teachers involved, but also for those incorporating the learning through knowledge transfer of a powerful resource.

DCG was engaged to assess the fund development processes and practices, to engage and provide feedback from various stakeholders regarding the receptiveness and potential success of entering into a capital campaign to grow the Foundation’s existing endowment fund, and to report customized recommendations based in best practice.


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