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National Indian Brotherhood Trust Fund

Current Capital Campaign

NIB Trust Fund

The NIB Trust Fund supports education programs aimed at healing, reconciliation and knowledge building. The goal of the NIB Trust Fund to help First Nations and Métis people, organizations and communities address the long-lasting impacts of the Indian Residential Schools system, and to support education programs aimed at healing and reconciliation over many years.

The National Indian Brotherhood Trust Fund (NIB Trust Fund) accepts applications for education programs aimed at healing, reconciliation and knowledge building.  The NIB Trust Fund allocates funds in accordance with the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement of 2007 – the largest settlement agreement in Canadian history which provided compensation to survivors for their experiences at residential schools.

Funds are available to First Nation and Métis individuals, governments and organizations through a competitive application process specific to groups and/or individuals. The NIB Trust Fund offers a new opportunity separate from Indian residential schools compensation packages.


Grounded in the preservation and revitalization of First Nations language, culture and way of life; the NIB Trust Fund provides resourcing to create meaningful opportunities that improve the quality of life for First Nations.


The NIB Trust Fund is devoted to creating meaningful opportunities to have a positive impact on the lives of First Nations people by:

Cultivating a spirit of healing and reconciliation by providing resources to projects that focus on the preservation and revitalization of culture, language and ways of life; and result in a greater recognition and respect for cultural diversity and First Nations autonomy.

Supporting and promoting educational programs/services/resources and opportunities that will revitalize and protect our diverse First Nations languages, cultural practices, and traditions as an integral part of enriching the lives of our First Nations people.

Facilitating collaborative partnerships with First Nations governments, institutions, community members, as well as private and public sectors to develop and propose projects that will mobilize greater opportunities across all region.

Campaign Highlights

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