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Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

Previous Capital Campaign

The Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival is a 33-year tradition and treasure. A proud contributor to our ever-increasingly vibrant riverbank, fundamental component to arts & culture in our city and province, and bolsterer of the local tourism industry, the sight (and site) of the iconic big white tent at the foot of the 25th street bridge in Saskatoon is embarking upon an important change that will provide positive impact for the company, partners, patrons, and the public.

The $3M Staging the Future campaign will fund much-needed upgrades and enhancements that among a long list of benefits, will create year-round usage of the site for partners and the public, overcome safety concerns, create a more enjoyable experience for patrons, remove costly infrastructure obstacles, and generate growth potential artistically, organizationally, and financially for the Festival.


Campaign Chair

Gerald Grandey and Irene Seiferling

Campaign Highlights

Quiet Phase.